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34, Kozorog, Russia, One Galaxy in Space
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Spolna usmerjenostHetero
Višina5'4" - 5'6" [160cm - 170cm]
Teža100 - 120 lbs [46 - 55 kg]
JezikiRuščina, Angleščina
Rojstni kraj
One Galaxy in Space
Sramne dlakeObrita
Velikost prsiMajhen
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Welcome to my Password Protected Galleries - be My Friend! Write me PM ;-) Добро Пожаловать в закрытые галереи! Будь Моим Другом - Напиши в Личку!
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ladybigsmile seznam želja
Mine House with Swimming Pool! Awesome DREAM !!!!!!!!
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3000 токенов одной монеткой
3000 токенов одной монеткой
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to be a Queen of Bongacams
to be a Queen of Bongacams
#1 Place Brilliant Wish
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12. 08. 19
Toujours sexy, jamais vulgaire. Belle et sympathique. Le top de ce site.
27. 07. 19
I want to THANK YOU MY KING and The BEST Tipper for whole my Webcam Life, very good Friend with BIG Heart 💗 honey2008 💗 Thanks for my WIN - TOP 37 (15 - 21 July 2019) It was the BEST Tip ever 10500 and Very Fast Grow in TOP Just for one Sunday Morning! It is Your Win!
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13. 07. 19
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7. 07. 19
Wow! This is an amazing win ladybigsmile! So happy to spend this week with you! 💋You did an awesome job! Alots of time online! 😇Positive attitude! Hard work! No sleep! What you have is strong forces! Yes, I am like a superhero with me staying up all night!🦸‍ To secure your victory! I am happy to be your best of friends! 🥰And happy to be with you! Always!! I am honored and lucky to know you! Our friendship and love will always will be! I resprct you and what you do here! You are the BEST!! ❤
7. 07. 19
Страшная пиздец
30. 06. 19
i had never such a great sex whis so a Beautiful Lady ….ever
30. 06. 19
Darling you are amaising….first squirt in you ...thank you bb for you all and your musik is the best ever
27. 06. 19
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"Wet Hairs on bed Strip in Pink Outfit" and "My Body with tan lines in Shower"
У меня 2 Новых ролика в Профиле! Приглашаю посмотреть наверху
Все 8 видео, Новинки: "мое тело в душе с загаром" и "Стрип Мокрые Волосы в Розовом на Кровати"
17. 06. 19
My The Best Heroes & Friends Thank You so Much for my Win TOP 45 ( June 10 - June 16 2019 )
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11. 06. 19
Thank You for MY WIN in TOP-100 in this YEAR! I really love it! Спасибо за Победу в топе -100 - в этом году! Я обожаю Это!