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19, Dvojček, UNITED STATES, New York City
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Tip 200 to shoot an arrow with dildo and blow a balloon, pink = creampie, yellow=anal sex , blue = facial

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Valentines chocolate
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Spolna usmerjenostBiseksualec
Višina>< 5' [150cm]
Teža100 - 120 lbs [46 - 55 kg]
JezikiAngleščina, Francoščina
Rojstni kraj
New York City
Sramne dlakePostrižena
Velikost prsiVelik
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When a man wants to fuck me i get horny automatically even if I don't know the man from just imagining how good it would feel, I guess I'm a horny girl.
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Im Gretel from the US, I like painting,the beach, theme parks and internet.
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I don't get tuned off that easy but i would have to say I would get turned off from a guy that likes men instead of women.
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Second place among women
22. 01. 18

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Wish to  be filled
Wish to be filled
I wish to be filled with cum. My cumming dildo cums to tips . Fill me with cum and my wish will come true.
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2. 05. 20
привет любимая потверди в друзья зая красивая
17. 10. 19
sweet bb :P
18. 02. 19
I love your clear eyes,
emitting warm light
these hands are strong, gentle,
and there are no other such ones!
Tell me I'm beautiful
did you make me like that
I want to be kind, gentle,
because you are next to me.
You are my love, an unexpected miracle,
the light in the window, the warmth of the soul.
How beautiful are the minutes with you
but they run so fast!
I'm sorry for the grievances of random
or my stupid jealousy,
for words that were not said
I just love you very much.
11. 01. 19
i love every part of gretel
6. 04. 18
Young Wild and Sexy Girl!
30. 01. 18
9. 01. 18
the most beautiful and sexual in the world
1. 01. 18
Dear friend

Our sincerest best wishes for the New Year!

Let 2018 be a very special year for you, filled with pleasant events, enjoyable encounters and new achievements! Hope you have a truly amazing holiday season. May your most cherished dreams come true in the New Year, and may every day be filled with inspiration, love and warmth!

I´m are very happy to have you!
29. 12. 17
Sexi krásna milá žena
14. 12. 17
You wake up all my senses, every time I see your eyes and your body!!! My rate five stars and much more...